What happens in the mind of someone considering suicide? Jonny Benjamin speaks about his experiences…

A man sitting with a laptop
This short audio feature explores suicide in men to mark International Men’s Awareness Day (19 November 2015).

While suicide remains the biggest killer of young men in Britain, many people are unable or unwilling to speak about the issues they face. Suicide is an issue we should all be aware of, so please listen while 23 year old mental health campaigner Jonny Benjamin speaks about what prevented him from taking his own life. Mental health experts, Sarah Hughes and Pepsi Takawira, explain how Jonny’s mental state through his experiences make it all the more important that friends and family take action and speak about suicide with those at risk.

Please listen to and share this feature with anybody that could be affected by the issues involved.

Produced by Rory Galloway, Freelance Radio Reporter
Featuring Jonny Benjamin, Pepsi Takawira and Sarah Hughes