STOP Suicide Pledge

Asking directly about suicide if you’re concerned about someone can save their life.

Suicide is everybody’s business, we can all be aware of the warning signs and we all have a role to play in suicide prevention.

Whether you’re an individual or representing an organisation, sign the STOP Suicide Pledge to demonstrate your commitment to talk more openly about suicide and help those in distress.


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STOP Suicide Pledge for individuals


STOP Suicide Pledge for organisations

Why pledge?

Pledge your voice to support real people. Remember, suicide occurs in all communities and can affect any one of us.

Make sure you are part of the movement to reduce stigma and create suicide-safer communities through increasing knowledge and skills in suicide prevention.

Share your campaign commitment with pride and make a difference to saving lives.


Show others they’re not alone. Join thousands of people who have pledged to create a suicide-safer community.


Reduce stigma. Normalise conversations about suicide so people feel able to speak up.


Increase your knowledge. Make yourself aware of the warnings signs and how to ask directly about suicide.


Take care of yourself. Make a commitment to look after your own wellbeing.

Why we've pledged our support to STOP Suicide...


“I signed the STOP Suicide Pledge because my passion has always surrounded creating a voice to those who are in need and to aid those with topics society struggle to talk about. Following my own battle I realised more needed to be done to support those feeling suicidal and if we educated each other on how to approach the term “suicide” openly and with respect we could genuinely save a life, I made it my goal in life to try and make a difference to those at their lowest and use this campaign to create my own avenue of togetherness and empowerment. It is not the end, things will get better together.”


Daz Koutoua


“Nobody should ever feel like suicide is the only option. I signed the pledge because I’m so passionate about tackling the stigma surrounding suicide. I believe education and honest conversations will allow us to become kinder and lead with compassion.”


Rishal Patel